What is the difference between slipform system and traditional method?
ANS: Slipform is self-climbing formwork that once set up as a desired-shaped wall to be built, it ascends continually to the height of a structure. Changes in structures wall section make possible by minor adjustments of equipment. There is no need to dismantling or re-assembling or hiring a scaffolding.
How does the slip form system reduce construction period?
ANS: Continuous and simultaneous operations are keys to construction time reduction. Continue concrete pouring for 24 hours a day with rising rate of 0.2-0.3 m per hour makes slipform system the fastest method of building high rise structure. Also, the system was designed to allow several supporting operations to perform simultaneously. Overall construction period can be reduced by approximately 30%.
Which structures can be built using the slipform equipment?
ANS: Reinforced concrete structures that are tall and repetitive in design such as silos, chimney, building (12 floors up), and caissons. Height or total areas of concrete surface determine slipform technique cost effectiveness. Total concrete surface are both walls (inside and outside) to be built by using slipform. Total areas should not be less than 8,000 square meters.
What will be included in the proposed quotation?
ANS: Our scope of work includes equipment rental, operation and supervisions. Labors, concrete, and other utilities are to be supplied by the main contractor.
What information are needed for a quotation and how long will it take?
ANS: We would provide you a quotation within 7 days after receiving all required information. They are cross sections of and detail drawings of the structures to be built.
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